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Our Pricing
We have a unique approach to pricing for termite treatments and fumigations. With this method you'll be able to see even before you call us what a spot treatment could cost. We are the only termite company offering this system and it's called
Flat-Rate pricing. Up until now homeowners would put off treating their homes and watch the damage only get worse because of the high prices that are typically charged. We believe all homeowners should have access to quality, affordable and professional termite services without breaking the bank. I hope you try us out!

Spot Treatments

Up to $695.00

Our Flat-Rate spot treatment price is up to $695.00. In the event you do not have enough areas to treat we will lower the price.

For our preventative treatments we calculate the square foot of surface to be sprayed.
We can spray new construction and attic spaces to name a few. It will help prevent future termite infestations and once wood is sprayed it is inedible to termites for life.


Price is based on  the cubic feet of the structure

Before you tent with anyone else give us a call we can save you money.
To be able to give you a Flat-Rate price for a fumigation we must first measure the property so we can calculate the cubic feet. We do not give quotes over the phone for this reason.

Annual Termite Service

$200.00 per year

After your initial warranty period is over we offer a Flat-Rate annual inspection service. It includes a full inspection of the property and any spot treating that may be necessary.