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What we do
Our Treatment Options
We specailize in spot treatments when and where possible. Our product of choice for drywood termites is Termidor which is injected into the infested wood. Once the termites have contacted the product they transfer it through their nest for a 100% eradication. We also use Termidor for treating subterranean termites that may be located in the soil around or under your house. The same principal of transference applies to subterraneans termites. When spot treating is not possible for drywood termites then a fumigation will be recommended. That process will require you to vacate your property for 2.5 days. Fumigation instructions are given prior to tenting. We only recommend necessary treatments. Further information on this procedure and the other methods can be obtained by contacting us on the contact page or by calling

Apartment building fumigation.

Located in Huntington Beach some residents had complained of swarming drywood termites within their units. Only alternative was to tent to ensure 100% eradication.

Residential fumigation.

This is a friend of mine's home that needed a fumigation when selling his home.

Subterranean termite mud tubes.

Subterranean termite mud tubes discovered after removing a drawer from a kitchen cabinet.

Subterranean termite nest.

An example of some of the places subterranean termites can inhabit. This is located in a wall void. 

Drywood termite damage.

Drywood termite damage to a rafter tail. If left untreated drywood termites can do major wood damage.

Drywood termite droppings.

One of the signs of drywood termite activity is by their droppings. These are what they leave behind after eating the wood in your home.

Products Used

 Used for spot treating drywood and subterranean termites.
It's injected into infested wood, as a foam into wall voids and for treating the soil around your home and under the slab for subterraneans. It has very good residual properties and can last 4+ years in wood and 10+ years in the soil
Bora Care
We use the best borate product of it's kind for preventative treating of new construction. Once the wood has been sprayed it is inedible to any termite species and because it never breaks down it will last virtually forever.
Vikane (Sulfuryl Flouride) is the gas of choice for fumigating a structure with a drywood termite infestation. The gas has been in use for several decades.